Building Rancho 9

Rancho 9 was the last masterpiece of renowned Mexican architect Marco Aldaco, the designer of the Guinness House in Acapulco and the exclusive residences in Costa Careyes on the Pacific Ocean. Marco Aldaco was named one of the top three architects in the world by Architectural Digest in 2008.

Michael Jusbasche and Rebecca Jusbasche retained Marco Aldaco to design the 37th house of his career, which unfortunately turned out to be his last project before his passing in 2013. Rancho 9 took over a year to design in order to allow Marco Aldaco to spend time at the building site in Punta Mita during the different seasons of the year…. As he would always state “I build houses where nature and humans can co-exist in harmony… in the heat of summer and the coolness of the winter months”. During the design phase of the house Aldaco would spend endless hours sitting under trees and on different areas of the 3 acre water front property, absorbing the views and feeling the changes in direction of the breezes and sun light during the course of the day. He would also discuss at length the lifestyle that Michael and Rebecca would enjoy at this property, their specific needs and values which he then incorporated in the design and materials of construction of the house.

Rancho 9 was completed in 2008, initially built as an eight-suite estate, and later expanded to 10 suites in 2018, by Xabier Pagaza, one of Marco Aldaco’s former colleagues from Guadalajara, Mexico. The property was developed to minimize the impact on the setting of this natural peninsula on the Bay of Banderas with direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the famous surfing beach of La lancha. The physical setting of Rancho-9 at the end of this small peninsula provides with views of the Puerto Vallarta skyline, the Ranchos beach and the town of Punta Mita.

As one of the guests of Rancho 9 so succinctly put it “Rancho 9 is the most natural, beautiful, and connected to nature estate surpassed only by its holistic and caring staff”.